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A few minutes by boat from the islands of Sipadan and Mabul but a full world away from them lies the exhilarating Sipadan-Kapalai Dive Resort, sitting on its sturdy stilts on the shallow sandbanks of the Ligitan Reefs. Planned and built in full style as an airy, comfortable, sunny water village with no land in sight, it boasts a mile-long sandbank of powdery white sand where one can suntan at complete leisure while gazing out to the miles of brilliant turquoise stretching into the horizon offering the purest image of natural serenity.

Dive spots are extremely close and can be reached in just a few minutes by speedboat and some of them, actually, just by swimming from the dive center pier. For those who are ready to explore more than the tiny marvels of Kapalai’s macro life, in just a few minutes, dive in Sipadan (where big fish and turtles abound) or in Mabul (where silky and muddy bottoms offer different and equally pleasant experiences and opportunities of "muck diving"

Seaventures Dive Rig is a dive platform and resort based in Sipadan, Borneo, Malaysia. It still maintains the allure and spirit of a working rig yet the rooms are more comfortable, the food highly acclaimed, service exemplary and diving world class. Read more about the history here.

The Seaventures dive resort truly is a novelty alternative to any dive resort and is ideal for divers wanting to maximise their diving, especially if you only have a few days to dive.

Best of all, it is situated in one of the diving industry’s renowned top dive destinations commonly ranked as being one of the world’s best.

Free unlimited house reef dives and options for additional boat dives to Sipadan mean that you may not have much time to squeeze anything else in other than relaxing on the deck and embracing the 360º views of the Celebes Sea that surround you.

1.5 hour boat rides north of Sandakan, unpopulated and covered by thick tropical island vegetation on its topside, this peaceful, untouched paradise is ringed by an endless pure white sandy beach, offering elegant and roomy Water and Seafront Chalets. Ideal destination for those who search for tranquility and relaxation in a virgin natural setting.

Its dive sites - all just a few minutes away - boasting unbelievably colorful macro, fauna, fascinating wrecks and in season from March to May, regular sightings of gigantic and harmless whale sharks, the "dream date " of every diver in the world. Situated within the Sea Turtle Corridor, Lankayan Island is also a nesting place and foraging ground for sea turtles; most commonly Green and Hawksbill Turtle. Therefore, guests will have a chance to see turtles nesting as well as new hatchlings of baby turtles released to the sea especially in season from June to September

Off the mystical island of Borneo approximately 300km northwest of Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia lies a little gem within the deep blue sea, fondly known as “The Jewel of the Borneo Banks”. This is the intriguing Layang Layang Island, a remote and exotic island in the wide ocean of South China Sea that offers undisturbed diving adventure in safe waters away from other popular dive destinations. 

On this coral-blessed atoll rising from the deep blue of 2,000m lies a modest but complete resort - the Layang Layang. Designed and built along the concept of a traditional long house, the resort boasts of a unique local stay experience enveloped in modern comforts and convenience. 

With only the resort on the island, Layang Layang Resort offers a truly unprecedented “One Island One Dive Resort” exclusive experience.

Sipadan Water Village is a resort beautifully constructed with Bajau architectural design. Part of the Mabul Island is also home to groups of Bajau fishermen who have built their traditional palm thatched houses. The Bajau Laut, the world's only tribe of nomadic sea gypsies spends their lives on the water. Over the years, some have entered a transition from sea nomadic to sedentary village life at a former major anchorage site such as Mabul.

The entire resort is built over water on stilts made of Belian Wood commonly called ironwood, laid in certain points so as to minimise damage to the existing reef. In its design, Sipadan Water Village has achieved near utopia in its over-the-water layout, splendid water cottage accommodations with flowered sidewalks, wonderfully prepared Asian and Continental cuisine, and impeccable and personable service.




Mabul Borneo, Sabah


Mataking Island, Sabah


Sandakan, Sabah


Layang Layang Island, Sabah


Tioman Island, Pahang

B&J is one of the leading PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centres in Asia. Providing quality dive experience .

Our dive centre in ABC has a swimming pool, which makes the first step into scuba diving a bit easier for beginners. 

Tioman Dive Resort is located in Air Batang Bay on Tioman Island and our second dive centre is located in Salang Bay. B&J built Tioman Dive Resort (TDR) between 2010 and 2014 to provide upper class accommodation to divers and non-divers alike. Not only spacious and clean rooms, but also daily room cleaning service and all the amenities for a luxurious stay on Tioman.

Tioman Dive Resort was built in 2012 and extended in 2014 and is regularly maintained. We are a small, cozy resort with just 11 secluded rooms available to diver and non-divers alike.


Mabul Island, Sabah

Surrounded by clear azure blue waters with some of the best dive sites in the world. This is the ideal tropical paradise for adventurous honeymooners, sea-loving vacationers and muck diving enthusiasts, or simply for a blissful beach getaway.

Whether you are a newbie to diving or someone with hundreds of dive hours under your diving belt, we offer the ultimate diving experience with many world-class dive sites with unrivalled marine life that will leave you breathlessly in awe.

For those who love the solitude of the night and the company of stars, our private verandahs are the perfect spot to mull over the highlights of your day as you sip on a tall drink. Who knows, on one of those nights you might be lucky enough to catch a shooting star.

Sipadan-Mabul Resort (SMART)

Mabul Island, Sabah

Mabul Water Bungalow is a 4-Star floating dive-resort wholly owned by Sipadan-Mabul Resort (Sabah) Sdn. Bhd. (SMART), is situated at Mabul Island overlooking the world-known Sipadan Island just 15-minutes away by speedboat.

Sixteen wooden-type bungalows units entirely built over water with stilts offer sheer comfort. Each bungalow exquisitely furnished with contemporary decor, equipped with remote control air-conditioner, ceiling fan, private bathroom-hot/cold shower and toilet, spacious private balcony offer panoramic vistas of blue sea, colour TV with satellite channels, mini bar, in-room safety box and free wireless internet access.

Facilities includes a large and airy restaurant for dining, a souvenirs shop selling variety of t-shirts, accessories and gifts, a business center, a dive center and an office taking care all the guests registration, billings and a health spa.

With turquoise blue waters and abundance of spectacular marine life, Redang is beyond doubt one of the most beautiful islands in Malaysia. Located about 45 km off the coast of Kuala Terengganu, measuring seven kilometers long and six kilometers wide, Redang is the largest of the group of nine islands dotting the South China Sea off the Terengganu coast.
The island is a haven for scuba diving, snorkelling and swimming. Other activities that can be enjoyed there include boating, canoeing and jungle trekking. Every dive site on the island offers something different to see and experience.
During the North-East monsoon season, the resorts on the island are closed for a few months, normally between November and February.


Redang Island, Terengganu


Prices for resort based in Malaysia are subjected to 6% Service Tax (SST).

The Malaysian Tourism Tax of RM10 will be added on, per room per night on top of the package rates. TTax applies only to foreigners and payment is to be made at the resort.


The Reef Dive Resort at Mataking Island is an exclusive romantic & diving destination in the Celebes Sea, located just 40 minutes boat ride from Semporna.

It is a promised island with majestic treasures, natural warmth and friendship for holiday makers, spa lovers, honeymooners and divers alike.  Whether it is a retreat for yourself or exciting undersea exploration, you’ll find Mataking the perfect choice.

The resort is caressed by the tropical sea breeze. Our  King Chalets, Garden View Deluxe rooms and brand new luxurious Beach Villas designed in traditional architecture offering simply elegant and exquisite accommodation for up to 100 guests in a serene and cozy environment.

Enjoy Malaysian and International cuisine with an enticing spread of fresh local sea food or relish the weekend barbecued favorites at our sea facing restaurant.


Tenggol Island, Terengganu

Pulau Tenggol lies 14 nautical miles off the coast of quiet fishing town of Kuala Dungun, Terengganu, Malaysia. This rocky island about 50 hectares in size, spans less than 3 kilometres in length and 2 kilometres at its widest point, is one of the most beautiful and serene islands off Peninsular Malaysia's east coast, with spectacular rocky cliffs that offer many excellent dive sites (More than 25 dive sites).

One of the island’s attractions is that it is close to its original state. A virgin island with its white sandy beaches backed by steeply forested cliffs is a pleasant retreat away from the city. Activities range from snorkelling, scuba diving, jungle trekking or just basking under the sun on the white sandy beach. At Pulau Tenggol, divers and Snorkellers alike can find pristine coral formations and a number of submerged rocks with excellent coral growths. Pulau Tenggol and its surrounding islands offer good visibility with teeming of marine life and a wide variety of hard and soft corals.

Pom Pom Island Resort is around 45 minutes by boat from Semporna, Borneo’s coast; it has rich tropical vegetation and is surrounded by white sand and the turquoise waters of the Celebes Sea. It is on part of this beautiful island that Pom Pom Island finds it home.

This little atoll, which takes about an hour to walk around, is often a shelter for both Green and Hawksbill marine turtles that during the night return to the beach to nest.

During your vacation, if you are lucky, you might witness the hatching of the eggs and release of baby turtles to the sea.