Start your business with zero capital, zero stock, without having to build or maintain a webpage and no sales target to meet. All you need is to become a PacE-quip member of our RESELLER network.

PacE-quip uses a simple, straightforward model for the distribution of its merchandise and booking of dive resorts. Resellers can purchase at dealer's price and act as a direct retailer/agent to the final customer. Purchases are made directly from PacE-quip with no quantity restrictions.

We take care of shipping and provide a warranty on all purchases based on specific factory’s policy.       PacE-quip support team manages all customer inquiries, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with any customer issues.



Dive professional (Dive Master and above), dive shop, dive center, dive resort or live-aboard may apply to become a Reseller. Just fill out the application information below and we will send you a membership verification form via email.

Once approved, you can purchase any in-stock merchandise at PacDome/PacE-quip or book resorts from our list of dive destinations.

We accept payment via PayPal or direct bank transfer.


Reseller Programme