We are a team of professionals that specialise in Hospitality & Tourism Management offering Owners and Operators of Hotels, Resorts, Tour Agencies, Hospitality Schools and Food Service establishments a total integration of products and services.

Two companies, Action Learning Solution Sdn Bhd its sister company Pacific Dome Travel Network, both with distinct expertise in the field of Hospitality & Tourism management, HRD and education, complementing each other to provide all the necessary resources you ever needed.


To grow rapidly beyond the borders contributing to our partners, members, corporate clients, travelers, suppliers, local communities, tourism bodies and shareholders by applying sustainable communal tourism principles.


To be an international renown integrated hospitality service chain that serves the interest of the hospitality & tourism industry.


  1. Risk free performance-driven business model based on profit incentive sharing concept
  2. Experience hands-on involvement by corporate associates with qualify management team
  3. Valuable network of integrated centralised support services



Globalization has created a new international agenda for progress and development. To compete in the international arena, we constantly adopt creative management strategies and furiously enhancing our work processes to capture new and maintain current market share in this ever changing and demanding global platform.

Associate Network management style that focuses on speed, innovation and collaboration working closely between associates, clients and suppliers is crucial to competition. Each and every business encounters is all about accuracy and timely response at “base”.

In this extreme rapid pace of technological change and increasing complexity of the work process, the management strategies are carefully implemented and executed. Since it is now so crucial that most business transactions are determined at the fore-front, our success depends on the capabilities in providing exceptional services that exceed expectations on the spot.




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Action Learning Solution

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This strategic alliance allows us to consolidate and integrate all available resources from our channels by collectively applying a holistic approach in management, marketing, human resources, procurement and administration for the benefits of our associates and partners.


Pacific Dome Travel Network SDN BHD

Sales & Reservation

Hotel & Resorts will instantly be available to local and foreign travelers on our website 24/7 for booking. It promotes our attractive activity packages designed to meet specifically their travel needs. We limit resorts under our services to maximum 2 properties of different categories in a specific area of interest.

Membership Services

Membership Services recruits frequent travelers, corporate companies and other interest groups whom are actively planning various programs and activities for their employees and members. Exciting destinations, activities, training and certification programs are organized to encourage group traveling to support our chain of associate resorts.

Eco/Nature Event Management

Create events to stimulate mass traveling for a focus destination purpose. Manage sponsors, staging, media, logistics and other ground handling. Promote events through a mix of traditional and high-tech media via internet to promote, communicate and sell.


Action Learning Solution SDN BHD

Pre-opening Project Management

Provide consultancy work in the areas of Hospitality, Tourism and Education. Coordinating work with architect, contractors, designers, suppliers and local authorities to ensure specifications and deadlines are met. Implement management & operation system flows, develop administrative policies, provide Standard Operating Procedures, conduct training and oversee pre-opening operations.

Hotel/Resort Management

Assist Owners and Operators to increase sales. Enhance management approach and improving operation standards & procedures. We help to turnaround businesses via our Integrated Network Support of hospitality products and services.

Human Resource Development System & Structure

Designing and implementing industry-proven HRD system and structure to benefit the entire establishment. A holistic approach, integrating career succession planning with competency-based training model gearing employees towards obtaining recognized qualifications and international certification for the property.

Personal & Self Development Programs

Team building, leadership and self improvement/development programs are customized to help corporate companies to developing strong leaders and high morale teams to meet the present intense business environment. Applying Action Learning principles and incorporating contemporary training modules with wide range of soft adventures, action sport as well as reality-typed travel & discovery - treasure hunt, amazing race and fear factor-type recreational activities are essentially the main activities.

Education Services

Assist students in getting internship placement and employment, Personal Development Programs are planned to prepare them for higher employability chances and adaptability relevant to the current industry needs. The programs are also suitable for Self Improvement leisure learners.