Many HRD practitioners find difficulties to develop and maintain an effective system and structure. An effective system and structure requires time and resources to build and maintain. Hence, HRD practices are often perceived as unproductive, unreliable and secondary to other functions.

Have you ever come across concerns like allocating time and resources for training, has training benefited all employees and the company or are they applying and sharing the skills and knowledge that they have gained from attending training sessions?

ALS, through the years of experience in HRD, has developed an efficient, user-friendly, cost effective platform that is industry proven conforming to international standards of HRD practices.



Globalization has created a new international agenda for progress and development. To compete in the international arena, companies are adopting new management strategies and furiously enhancing their work processes to maintain their current market share in this ever changing and demanding global platform.

Management roles have changed from a hierarchic structure to networking that focuses on speed and innovation. Preparation of a productive, flexible labor force is crucial to competition in the twenty-first century. Each and every business encounters is all about accuracy and timely response at “base”.

Since it is now so critical that most business transactions are determined at the front liners, the success of the company depends on the capabilities in providing exceptional products and services that exceed expectations on the spot.

In this extremely rapid pace of technological change and increasing complexity of the work process, HRD driven strategies have to be carefully implemented to emphasize on lifelong training in the actual situation at the workplace and supplemented by occasional theoretical classroom training.

“Companies Don’t Succeed, People Do”



To assist management to implementing a total HRD solution by working with all levels of employees, on-site and to ensuring of a sustainable transfer of training technology at the end of the mission.


It is our focal point for the provision of training services in the following areas:

  1. Identify Training Needs Analysis for the individual member, department and the property.
  2. Design Training System to close the gaps for improvement.
  3. Develop Quality Programs to match requirements.
  4. Facilitate Delivery effectively.
  5. Conduct detail Assessment and Evaluation for management reports.
  6. Map and identify Career Advancement Opportunities.



  1. Equip each employee to function efficiently, competently and responsibly.
  2. Encourage support and contribution to ideas that provoke innovation and creativity.
  3. Upgrade, maintain and convert informative feedbacks for Human Resource planning.
  4. Improve sales, quality services and products.



  1. Achieve enhance service consistency.
  2. mprove employees’ professionalism.
  3. Provide clear career progression path opportunities for employees.
  4. Enable constructive appraisal to increase morale, confidence and pride.
  5. Enhance teamwork and understanding amongst departments and peers.
  6. Acquire a practical structured training system and design.
  7. Implement Action Learning principles.
  8. Project as a caring employer.
  9. Conform to International & National Occupational Skill Standard and ISO.
  10. Reimburse training funds from HRDB.




            Training Needs Analysis

             Training Passport (Training Directory)

Program Design


Program Development

 GUIDED Training Aids (Customize SOP – Training Manual)

 In conformance with International & National Occupation Skill Standard (NOSS)


Program Delivery

 Buddy Training System (On-The-Job Training)

 Modular Programs (Classroom)



 All-Round Evaluation/Assessment (Level 1 & 2)

 Hospitality In-View - Action Learning (Level 3)

 ROI (Level 4)